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A Comprehensive Roadmap to 10X Your Revenues Online

The POWER Results Plan

How to Compete Online at an Advanced Level

Combines Digital Marketing Strategy with Inbound Methodology and Marketing Automation - It is the ULTIMATE Battle Plan and a True Game Changer!

Business is moving at a lightning pace. Because of the internet, competition is a constant threat. Add to that, marketing has changed dramatically. It’s no longer effective to push messages and expect results. It is a buyers market. They are seeking out suppliers and researching before you’re even an option.

At the moment a prospect hears about you, they’re researching you online.

Your ideal buyers are then being courted by competitive offers on fancy landing pages and being promised demos, case studies and free trials.

If you’re going to grow your reach and compete well into the future then you need a blueprint that provides the key to winning over your ideal buyers plus the insights to keep them from leaving.

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The POWER Results Plan

Enter the roadmap.

The POWER Results Plan is a deep dive into who, what, why and how to grow your business online. It consists of 5 comprehensive reports rolled into 1 strategy document. The team at PCMA will research, analyze and prescribe using digital marketing and inbound methodologies.

What We Cover:

The Ideal Buyer Search. Who are your ideal buyers? Where can you find them online and how can you attract them?

The Competitor Survey. Who are the real players in your space? Who’s drawing traffic away from you and how are they doing it?

Effective Ads and Offers. What gets buyers in the door? What do they want? How can you stand out?

The Digital Audit. What’s working for you? What’s hindering you? How do you stack up? What should you do next? What matters?

The Traffic Plan. What does your traffic need to look like? Where should it come from? How do you drive it?

What You’ll Gain:

  • Deeper Insights into your current revenue results.

  • Clarity around where to stack your assets.

  • Better traffic from more engaged and educated ideal buyers.

  • More qualified sales.

  • Improved sales conversions.

The POWER Results Plan combines Comprehensive Research, a Personalized Assessment and a Sales and Marketing Strategy. The Way to Win!

How to Get Started:

Schedule a 20 minute call to get started. In that call, we’ll walk through the details of the plan and determine your top objectives and your fit. From there, we establish an onboarding session and begin our work together. The POWER Results Plan will be delivered in 4 weeks and we present the plan in a Zoom call as well as delivering a digital version.

**Please take note, we limit intake to a few clients monthly due to the nature of our work.**

Who is PCMA?

The POWER Collective is anything but your typical marketing firm. This boutique marketing agency supports creative, driven business owners and CEOs interested in more leads and traffic online. We solve one problem: How to grow your business. Our approach is to build communities around brands by leveraging creative talents and out-the-box ideas.

The POWER Collective executes custom marketing strategies, we design, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, business consulting and social media management.

We Are: Change Agents, Catalysts for Growth, Creative Souls, Collaborators.

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