This past weekend, I was at an event with a room full of entrepreneurs. They were vending and as I walked around the room I ran into several people that I knew. Since I'm me, I always ask how business is going. Most of the answers were "great" and they were delivered with wide smiles. That's typically what I expect.

The business owners that vend usually love that atmosphere because they get to be out among the people. Most own online shops or they own retail locations but they're attracted to events because they can tap into new customers.

They flourish at their tables, too. They are engaging, they smile and they can talk about their products or services all day.

Entrepreneurs who enjoy the face to face contact with customers don't usually have the same enthusiasm for their online social channels. One of the most common gripes I hear when talking about social media is about how difficult it is. "What am I supposed to post," "how often should I be posting" and "which channel should I use" is what I hear the most.

Yes, it can be tricky to put together a social media strategy. And yes, it's easier to pack up your products and set up a table to go out and meet the public. 

It's easier, but it's not as effective. Social media just makes sense when your goal is to reach people, build awareness and drive sales to your business. We've talked about it here quite a few times. 

Given that it's so important, I found a video with a simple method you can use to generate social media posts for your business.

How to Easily Generate Posts for Your Social Media Channels

Have we made it easier for you to post to social media? Tell me what else you'd like help with. Leave a message in the comments.