If you are a business owner taking care of your start-up, a social media marketer or work in any other position that has to look after the marketing and online presence of a business, you need to know what content is and how can you make a good content marketing strategy.

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Even those who do work and have some experience of making content only have a partial understanding of what it entails. To help you make a comprehensive strategy that can work towards making a positive impact on your business aims and profitability, we have identified here some of the key areas of content marketing strategy that you should be aware of.

Understand the Content Sales Funnel

Many people have the assumption that content exists outside the actual money making part of a business, they have ingrained a departmental understanding of content as being an outsider to the sales division.

However, the truth is that content is central to the sales “funnel”. Sales Funnel is the entire cycle that starts from the point where a potential customer is made aware of a product to the point where they purchase it and even at post-purchase times. Therefore, an effective content marketing strategy maps the various types of content to individual points in a sales funnel. Content has to deliver the tasks of Outreach, Conversion, Closing, and Retention.

View Your Content as Data

It is important to ensure that the content you come up with and upload online is of high quality. However, it is also extremely important to keep a track on the data that your content delivers. This is vital because data also works as a hard scientific proof of the quality of your content.

Furthermore with the help of data, you can establish a content marketing strategy that is guided by analytics. A successful strategist would be able to meticulously monitor data and on its basis continuously refine their strategy.

Make a Plan

Another important facet of a content marketing strategy is how it deals with the factor of time. You need to plan ahead of how your strategy will take shape throughout a given timeframe. You can materialize your content plan in the shape of a ‘Strategy Calendar’, which takes into account all the necessary dates and events your content would have to face in its lifetime.

In Conclusion:

  • Map your content marketing actions to Sales and Profit related aims

  • Use analytics to guide and shape your strategy

  • Make use of a comprehensive strategy calendar