Email marketing is an incredibly effective tool as it helps you deliver your sales pitch or other important business information directly into your clients’ inbox. However, many businesses complain that the response ratio on their email marketing campaigns is very low. To help you bring more effectiveness into your game, we provide a list of 5 extremely effective email marketing tips.

1. Build your subscriber list

You should aim to increase your subscribers list and ensure that all those with interest in the operations of your business are on that list. To do that, you can add a sign up feature on all the pages of your website. You can also try some more traditional methods, such as setting up a subscription booth at a seminar or an industry conference.

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2. Encourage readers to reply

The second of our email marketing tips puts importance on ways you can make meaningful conversations with potential clients. Use irresistible subject lines that distinguish your email from others in their inbox. Use a distinctive voice that sound like that of a human instead of a robot. And provide your readers targeted content, by segmenting them into demographic groups.

This way your content is more likely to resonate with your intended reader and therefore it increases the probability of them reading and responding to it.

3. Make it personal

Another important email marketing tip is to make your email specific for its reader. Whenever possible, add personal elements such as names, designations, and organizations to your email. You can do so with the help of several word processing and spreadsheet software. Besides this, you can also vary your message to link it with the respective portion of your audience.

4. Include interesting links and calls to action

Most email campaign run by business is to draw customers towards their site. You can add links in the body of your message that lead to specific pages to increase visibility on the website. Enticing and exciting action words such as ‘Find Out More’ or ‘Download Now!’ are better able to lure readers.

5. Don’t overwhelm your subscribers

Finally, an important email marketing tip to remember is to not overwhelm your subscribers. You have to be careful not to send too many mails in a short period of time as doing so will annoy or anger the recipients and they may choose to unsubscribe from the list.

Take home words:

  1. Develop a comprehensive list of potential and existing customers

  2. Make your emails personal and add calls-to-action

  3. Don’t spam your subscribers

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