It’s expected that Americans will spend more than $465 billion this holiday season. The number of shoppers that spend online has increased heavily over the years and yet, there are many business owners who are simply not prepared to take advantage of the windfall.

Maybe you just got started in business.

Maybe you already have so many orders that you can’t handle any more.

Or, maybe, this opportunity just seemed too overwhelming and you just didn’t know HOW to take advantage of it. Should you take holiday product pics? Spend money advertising on social media? Collaborate with other brands? Create a special “holiday only” product or offer a special service?

Sometimes, where there are too many decisions to make as a business owner, we just bury our heads in the sand and don’t make any.

Even if you missed the boat this year, you can still win for your business.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Holiday Shopping

As my clients know, I have an undergraduate marketing degree and I use it as a lens for all of my work. I don’t see a major FAIL if you missed out on holiday shopping money, I see an opportunity.

Get your market research on this holiday and set your business up to gain major wins during the next shopping season.

  1. Copywriters create SWIPE files to collect winning copy, designs or marketing pieces they find. They leverage this material as inspiration when they’re producing work. I suggest that you create a SWIPE file this season. It can be as simple as setting up a Google Drive folder online and whenever you see a great image, graphic, sales idea, product picture or any business idea, copy it to your folder. I like to use my computer’s snipping tool or I’ll take a screenshot with my cell phone.

  2. Get to know your target audience better. Pay attention to where your target market is shopping, what they’re buying, how they are reacting and use the information later for your own business. I like to follow my market online in different forums and groups. When I see them going Ga-Ga over a certain brand or product, I take a look to see if it’s one that I should collaborate with. I’ve even purchased products from other businesses and used them as giveaways because I know my target audience would like them.

  3. Read reviews. If you are scouting your competition (which I highly recommend) read the comments always. The market will tell you how they feel and what they think about what they’re experiencing. Again, file that away.

  4. Support other brands. Just because you didn’t pull yourself together this season doesn’t mean this isn’t a great time to build your network. If there is a brand you want to work with, support them. Nobody likes you reaching out to get sponsorship, partnerships or to “pick your brain” unless at least, you’ve supported them financially. You may also gain favor by commenting on their posts, retweeting them, liking their pages and sharing on social media.

  5. Plan for the next holiday season.

Take what you learn and prepare yourself and your business for 2017. Don’t waste another major opportunity to grow your brand and drive sales to your business.

Part of my plans in 2017 are to offer the POWER Plan Sales and Marketing Blueprint workshops both live and online. If you’d like to sign up to be the first attendees (and get discounts) then leave your information below.

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