Email marketing is boss. We all know that. It is satisfying to have a tool at our entrepreneurial fingertips that allows us to connect with people who love what we do.

Your List is King...and Queen

So you’ll want to spend time thinking about your email marketing strategy. Thinking about how to nurture it and improve it and time fostering its growth. (Click to Tweet).

How to Get Crazy Great Results from Email Marketing

There are experts who would spend the next 1000 words talking about the 400,000 tactics to email marketing. They would talk in depth about choosing the right email marketing service providers. They would spend time speaking about the perfect subject line, the amount of words to include in a paragraph and the power of images.

All of it is good advice but it brings about more anxiety for a brand owner than anything else.  It’s tough to nail anything down with email marketing until you’ve tested your ideas.

So keep it simple with email marketing

Do this instead:

  1. Be Authentic. The cool thing about being a small brand or business owner is that you are still in reach to your audience. When Coca Cola streams across your smartphone there are far fewer warm and fuzzy moments than the shop owner on Etsy that you bought the necklace from. Leverage your accessibility as a smaller, more in touch company by giving your audience you. Your community is interested in the woman behind the candle, hair cream or clothing boutique. A spider is crawling towards you and you’re afraid? Grab your phone and post a picture of your “eek” face.

  2. Build your Know, Like and Trust Factor. Sally Hogshead wrote a book called, How the World Sees You,” which turned my brand promotion strategy upside down. It goes beyond those typical personality test to help you see how you fascinate others and what sets you apart. It lets you know how you’re seen so that you can promote those qualities. Talk about genius for a small business owner, a Solopreneur who is practically selling themselves everyday (along with their widgets).

  3. Be entertaining. There is only one you and it’s okay to fly your Freak Flag a bit. Did you get into PR because you’re obsessed with the feel of a microphone in your hand? (Ok, so that was a stretch but you understand my point, right)? I used to get really hung up about live broadcasts being perfect. I’d run around my house telling everybody to be quiet. I’d stand in the mirror too long fretting over my makeup and it was all useless. My highest viewed videos happened when I had hair sticking up, my necklace was off center and I let a curse word or two slip out of my mouth.

  4. Give em stuff. #nuffsaid  
  5. Be entertaining. It’s so important that it’s going on the list again. The popularity of reality shows and cat videos on Youtube is actually happening. This is the society that we live in and if you’re above it all fine - just be ready to work long and hard to find your tribe. #kardashiansrule

  6. Show em stuff. What do you know about your product or service that is beneficial or extraordinary? Are there traditional uses and nontraditional uses? Is there a specific path to get the results you promise? Would it be better for your subscriber to see your widget at work in a video? Is there something you should demonstrate before they use it or after? Show them value by thinking through the customer experience.

  7. Teach em stuff. You believe that you’ve got the best widget since sliced bread. That’s because you have had a certain experience, background or a story that highlights that reality. What does your email subscriber need to know to make your widget more valuable?  (Need to understand more about what it means to show value? Watch this 2 minute video by Sales Guru Jeffrey Gitomer:

  8. Share results. It is well known that 70% of people check online reviews and testimonials before they buy something. If your widget is changing lives then you had best share it.

When you’re given permission to email someone, you are agreeing to an unspoken promise. That promise requires you to be interesting. To be worthy of your readers “click.” Take that responsibility seriously before you hit send on your next campaign. You have to follow the unwritten rules to be interesting and valuable enough to continue the relationship.

Your subscribers have to be convinced that there’s something in your emails that fill a need.

Take your time, use the tips and do it right. (Click to Tweet).

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