Can Twitter Really Grow My Brand?

Your competition is already using Twitter for business, so I image that you have also started wondering about whether it can really grow your brand.



Increase awareness

Millions of people around the world have already created a Twitter account and among them are your potential clients. By using Twitter for business, you can increase the awareness of your brand. You can even use it in order to spread the word about your business, such as the launching of a new product or opening of a new location.

Get instant feedback

Twitter for business allows you to connect, communicate and engage with your clients in real time. This means that you can get immediate feedback from your clients about your products and services. That gives an idea on how to best improve your products and services to boost your sales.  

Be updated with the latest trends

In order for a business to remain competitive in any industry, you must stay current with the latest trends to be able to acquire valuable information on social media platforms like Twitter. You can even keep an eye on what your competition is up to. You can use it to watch out for successful strategies that others are using and you can implement it in your business.

Stay in touch with customers

In order to grow your brand, you need to make your potential clients feel that you are not just a business but a familiar voice. You can make use of Twitter to stay in touch with your target markets. For example, you can answer questions they have about your business, which will build trust. Twitter for business can help bridge the gap between your business and your clients.

Increase your sales

You cannot deny the fact that the millions of active users on Twitter is a big market and that is something that you should not ignore. So, when you use it to tweet about your new product or service, then you are more likely to acquire some sales from it.

Generate website traffic

Creating a space to engage with your followers is a great way to generate more traffic on your website. You can make your special announcements like the discounts and other great specials that you are offering. You can also ask them to complete questionnaires in order for you to get to know them better.

More than anything else, using Twitter for business is free. So, you can grow your brand while being able to save some cost in doing it.