I’ve heard it all. You don’t know what to write. You’re not a good writer. You don’t have time to write. I get it. Blogging is not what you dreamed about when you were a little child growing up. You’ve never gotten butterflies in your stomach or watched goose bumps raise while you happily contemplated blog posts.

No way.

Instead, you’ve only thought about blogging because you’ve seen your competitors do it or you’ve been told by your oh-so-smart advisors that it’s necessary.

And it is.

Companies who blog get more traffic, convert more sales and have a stronger connection to their customers (if they do it right).

So wrap your head around the fact that you should be blogging or, at the very least, you should hire a pro to handle it for you.

Blogging for our Business

Blogging doesn’t have to be equated with pain. It can be easy to manage as long as you’ve put some thought into it - and you understand what to include.

We’ll have a series of posts and workshops this year about blogging - it’s just that important. But until then, keep it simple by committing to posting and considering a few different types of posts.

What Types of Blog Posts Should You Use


The key to winning with blog posts is to keep it fresh and fun. Your blog posts are a chance to show your brand’s personality and introduce your products to the public.