Recently, I was talking to a client about her strategy on social media. She was having fun posting random pictures on her business pages but she didn’t know how to make it worth her time. She had fallen into a habit of posting whenever she remembered to post. She didn’t take it seriously but she knew that she should. She’d seen other brands in her space getting tons of engagement.

Her competition was getting contacted by bigger companies with opportunities. They were traveling to represent sponsors at events. They were getting paid.

She knew that she was missing out on the power of social media influence.

We created a specific plan that broke down what she should post, when and how often.

Many brands are in the same boat. They wonder how to get the most out of social media.

What is Social Media marketing

No matter the business or brand, we all want the same results from social media. We want to drive business. Our objectives range from things like increasing awareness, driving engagement, or even becoming more influential within our communities.  

If you use Google to search ‘social media strategy’ then you’ll return 157,000,000 results. You can go page to page picking apart the tips or you can simply get busy.

Simple Social Media Planning

The experts will have you jump through a bunch of hoops to develop a plan for social media.

We’re different.

We want you to love marketing as much as we do so our advice is simple. You can do this.

Three Easy Steps to Branding your Business with Social Media

  1. Choose your Channel. Find out whether your target audience is spending more time on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else. Decide on your objectives, go there and set up shop. Master one channel before you spend time developing another.

  2. Share your brand message, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for your audience. Small business owners have the distinct advantage of relational marketing. Your target market wants to connect with you and you want to encourage it. This is how you’ll build a community around your brand. Give them you and your products will sell themselves.

  3. Watch the results. If your community responds well to one post over another then give them more of that type of post. Simple, right?

You’ve got this. Social media can indeed be as fun as it is challenging. Your objectives can be met over and above your wildest dreams with simple planning and execution.

Need a jumpstart? Download this Simple Posting Schedule. Yours free courtesy of GroSocial.