What stage of business are you in right now? Is it launch, build or grow? Does it matter?

What should you be focused on in your business? Is it profits? Customer Retention? Operations?

Are you set up properly to grow and if you are, will you be able to leverage capital or attract investors to make it happen?

There are many topics that run through your mind as a small business owner and we know all too well how hard it is to know where to focus your time and energy. That's why we created the ULTIMATE Business Planning and Goal Setting 30 Day Bootcamp to help you create your Roadmap to 6 Figures.

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We'll Cover:

  • The 3 Phases of Business and How you should be spending your time and money

  • How to Analyze your Business to know where to narrow your focus

  • Strategic Goal Setting to commit to reasonable attainable goals

  • The Master Calendar Method to building a marketing plan that makes sense

  • How to Plan for Profits and make cash flow decisions in your business

  • Managing Time and how be productive at all times

Why should You Care?

Our programs are  intense hours of instruction with time built in to actually work on a plan to generate income month after month. We'll help you get clear, focused and get organized with No BS strategies that work!

  • Engage with Like-Minded, Driven Entrepreneurs.

  • Get further with your goals.

  • Move Faster and Smarter with an Experienced Mentor.

  • Leverage the Energy and Support of a Community.

  • Be held Accountable to Grow Your Business.

What's Included?