Our company has hit another milestone. As of June 30th it will be 2 years that we’ve been in business.

It’s been a rough, sometimes painful and miraculous period of growth and development.

We accomplished some things we didn’t even mean to accomplish. Such is life as a startup company.

And now that we’re here, we’re looking around at what’s next. We’ve spent the last few weeks considering where we’ve been and what’s next to grow a viable, sustainable business.

profits checklist graphic.png

Ever take a business inventory? Sit back and review? We did. We took a step outside of the business to consider the projects, the impact we’ve made, the clients we’ve worked with and of course, the financials.

It has given us some great insight and I’d advise you to consider it for yourself.

*****Download the checklist we created, The Plan for Profits Checklist, and put it to use to reach your next milestone with clarity around your business goals****

A few years ago, I heard Dr. Venus Opal Reese say, “money loves speed and clarity.” I ran across her Twitter feed, caught a few of her Periscopes and she was amazing.  I give her credit for opening my eyes to this concept when, in truth, I believe I’d coached to it before in different variations.

I’d seen the concept play out that money loves speed and clarity. My business coaching clients had performed the inverse of  that idea hundreds of times. They’d sit in front of me telling me how they’d considered a business idea for the last...well, forever. They were looking for confirmation, looking to do more research, waiting for the right time.

They didn’t get it. Money loves speed and clarity.

I’d seen it through clients who were working in a job they hated, running two side businesses and thinking about three other business concepts they thought were good ideas.

They didn’t get it, either. Money loves speed and clarity.

When it was time to plan our next 12 months and chart our goals, we came up with the following tasks:

  1. Set SMART business and sales goals meant to scale the company.

  2. Decided to hire the team I should have hired 6 months ago.

  3. Simplified our marketing strategy based on DATA and RESULTS.

  4. Narrowed our target market even further to grow faster.

We’re well into executing the plan and I challenge each of you to do the same. Too many entrepreneurs and small business owners play around progress using "hope" principles. Or, they don’t take time to plan. They are so busy working IN their businesses that they don’t stop to work ON their businesses.

Which one are you?

If growth matters to you then it is critical to take time away to get clarity and focus around your future. It has been our practice to review our business every 90 days and make adjustments. The checklist will help guide you.

Remember, money loves speed and clarity.