Gone are the days when you could find an empty building or office space and hang a shingle for success. You can’t think about sustaining a business that moves the needle if you’re not doing business online.


Your online presence is everything (with a capital ‘E’).


Your clients are waiting for you in cities you can’t pronounce and never heard of. There is potential opportunity in countries you’ve never visited. You are in global demand and you don’t even know the magnitude yet.


Building a Business Online is Absolutely Necessary


The statistics tell you everything you need to know:

  • 69% of adults shop online monthly.

  • Consumers average $114 per online order.

  • Shoppers buy what they want more than necessities online.

  • Online shopping increases if there are kids in the household.


Your Website’s #1 Goal is to Convert Browsers to Buyers


Your website copy has a job. It’s not to entertain or enlighten (unless you’re already independently wealthy and you don’t need any more money). If you’re in business then your goal is to make money. Visitors need to be motivated to buy and based on the numbers, they’re already inclined.


You have to Own the Room


Would you pay to rent commercial space and buy advertising to drive traffic to your store and neglect to hire salespeople? No. Of course not. You’d have attractive, knowledgeable assertive sales men and women there from open to close to get visitors to buy.


Think of your website as your retail store and your web copy as your salespeople.


Consider the entire experience. From the moment a visitor lands on your website to the end of the transaction where they’ve chosen your product or service. What should your website say to them? How should it make them feel? What do you want them to know about you and your products or services?


That has to be conveyed through your web copy. And done well.

If you know that you’re not converting enough of your visitors into buyers then it’s time to get help. Professional copywriters have the skill set to drive sales online. It’s easy to see results right away once your website is talking your clients’ language.

Need help converting traffic? The Power Collective can help. In 30 minutes or less you can be on your way getting new business from your web traffic. Contact the team today.