Persona creation is an activity focused on creating profiles of ideal buyers. These personas represent the basis of modern marketing strategies. With the right strategy, you can turn these personas into an important element of every business action you take in the field of marketing and lead generation.

Buyer Persona: What Is It?

In order to understand the importance of profile creation, you have to learn more about buyer personas. While there are many ways to define these personas, a leading interpretation describes them as marketing profiles that contain thorough descriptions of the perfect client to whom a business wants to sell goods or services. Even small business owners should use a few buyer personas because every business has at least few categories of buyers.

How To Create Buyers Personas?

There are basically two situations that we should analyze – a situation where you already have a customer base and a situation where you don’t have an established business.

If you already have customers and a well-established business, there are a few things that you can do. First of all, you should listen to your customers. Ask them what they need to solve some of their problems. Learn more about the different types of services or products they need and want. This will help you not only with persona creation but also with your offer too.

Another thing that can support this process is data mining. Check the data you already have and try to create personas for different groups of people that have a few things in common. For example, you will identify a group of customers that live in the same place. You can also create a buyer persona for the people that have a specific education level or job title.

When you don’t have an established business, your approach to personal creation is based on research. It starts with making assumptions and taking steps to prove or disprove your ideas. For instance, you may assume that a 30 year old professional woman will buy your new products. In creating the personal, you will try to find proof that she will. You may research competitors and find out who is buying their products. You could also conduct surveys of 30 year old professional women to get their feedback.

While we are talking about persona creation, you should know that asking for referrals can improve your results too. So, in case you have loyal customers ask them for referrals. Promise some sort of incentive, if needed. It is very likely that they will bring potential customers that have similar buyer personas like theirs. Carefully collect their data and use messages customized to their desires and needs.

If everything goes well, the time and money you spend on persona creation should pay off and you will be able to generate more leads. In other words, persona creation promises a great return on investment.

Why Is Persona Creation Important?

Persona creation is very important because it allows companies to find their direction especially when it comes to marketing. There is a reason why this activity is part of almost every lead generation strategy. With the help of this activity, you will be able to come up with specific marketing techniques that you can use for each persona at different phases of the buying process. Remember that 78% of consumers prefer to buy things from businesses that use targeted ads and that’s why this is an essential part of the modern marketing strategy.