Recently I conducted a marketing workshop that was attended by a group of phenomenal female entrepreneurs. It was valuable for them as well as for me. This is how I survey my target market and uncover needs that I can address.

There is this mentality going on right now where women are out here hustling; servicing door to door if they have to. They are vending, doing private parties, gaining Onsie and Twosie sales, “Yeah, I’ll drive to meet you over there.”

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Hustling Can be a Serious Problem in 3 ways

  1. It can keep you from being more formal in your business. If you’re tucking cash in your purse while you drive all over the city selling, you’re not thinking about scale. What happens when you get an order for 100 of your widgets? Are you prepared? Is that money you’re tucking in your bag ever making it to your business bank account? Do you even have one or a license? Is your accounting in place? What about the customer journey and what happens after the sale? How do you encourage repeat business?

  2. It can typically mean that you are transactional in your approach. Selling one widget to one guy and another to a different guy. You’re not thinking about trying to build a relationship with your customers.  Staying in that “get money” mindset. Customer acquisition is expensive but when one customer buys again and again, THAT’s when you start making real money and building an enterprise. Hustling can keep you from thinking like that.

  3. The third problem with running around hustling is that it’s tiring. It will burn you out and could make you hate your business. I remember organizing an event in Indianapolis and the event was advertised online. All of my promotion was done online and the ticket portal was online. I got a call from someone who wanted me to meet her so that she could give me $15 cash for her ticket. She wasn’t comfortable doing things online. Well, that’s not how I do business. It wasn’t a good use of time.

Global entrepreneurs sell their goods and services all over the world. Go out, be great. Why are you limiting yourself? You have everything you need to make a significant mark. Get that money but lose that hustling mentality.