Today is Digital Agency Day - it’s a day of virtual workshops and trainings for executives and owners of marketing agencies. A time for industry professionals to invest time in learning how meet their business goals. So why in the world should you care?

Like you, I’m busy. I have a ton of things to do in my business and yet, I’m committing time to master my craft and further my business.

You may want to consider the time you’re investing, too.

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Learn the Trends

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate, I’m willing to bet that change is occurring everyday. Your customers, your suppliers, your vendors and your employees make constant demands.

You must take the time to step away to understand what’s next for your industry to keep each of these stakeholders happy.

There are competitors out there right now who are discovering ways to “build a better mousetrap” and it’s imperative that you don’t get left behind.

Find Peers that can Relate

The internet is magical. You can run a multi-million dollar enterprise without ever having left your couch if that’s what you decide to do. There are limitless opportunities and some of us are building businesses and starting companies with little human interaction.

The business of your dreams is not just your dream. There are people out there who have walked before you, bumped their heads and learned the hard way. Many are willing to share their journeys with you.

You can benefit by getting to know other business owners in your industry.  Chances are that you’ve faced a business problem and sat wishing there was someone you could reach out to for help - someone who could really understand the problem - someone who has had the same experience.

Finding training programs, workshops and conferences gives you the opportunity to meet and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Remain Open and Flexible

Carol Dweck wrote a book called Mindset where she studied two belief systems. She discovered that our beliefs are either set to be fixed or they are growth oriented. And these beliefs predict our success.

A fixed mindset assumes that we can’t change in any meaningful way. We are limited by what we can achieve.

A growth mindset is characterized by a passion for learning which means that even failure is an opportunity to be better.

Committing time to step back and learn is committing time to grow and become successful.

When are you attending the next industry training, conference or workshop? Leave answers in the comments.