Everybody’s doing it and you know that you should be doing more. Creating content is a must. You’ve got your website up and running and that’s a start. Your social media accounts are branded and that’s good. Creating content on a regular basis? That is essential.

Content Marketing is Critical to every Entrepreneur

Your prospects will check you out several times before they decide to do business with you. Depending on what you offer, they’ll check out your website and then they’ll look through your social media accounts. Sell a complex product or high ticket priced service? Expect them to subscribe to your newsletter.

The average person checks their smartphone 85 times a day.

“What are they doing, you ask?” They’re consuming content.

You’d better be in the content game. Your competitors are.

The infographic from Zencontent is a great place to start in terms of creating a content strategy.

Are you new to content marketing? We’re here for you. Understand each one of the types of content marketing and get tips on what to offer your customers to convert web traffic into sales.

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content strategy

It's not too late to put together a content marketing strategy that works for your business (and your busy schedule). Learn the basics.

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