There is no tool that can work as effectively as email marketing to highlight your business, products or services to the greatest numbers of potential clients. But just because it is effective, does not mean you don't have to learn how to optimize it for best performance results.


It is not enough to stick to the formulation of the basic strategy of composing the message and send it out to everyone in your contact list. You need to track their performance at the same time, so you will know if they really work.

With the help of careful monitoring and useful statistical data, you can effectively see how your email marketing campaign works and performs to your target markets. The truth is that once you have a right data, you can make necessary adjustments that can result in a better and greater lead generation. To provide a clearer picture of what the current climate holds, below are some of the latest stats regarding email usage:

  • According to Statistica, there will be 2.9 billion email users by 2019. In the US alone, there is a projected number of 244.5 million users to grow by the end of 2017. And this number is seen to grow even more by almost 254.7 by the years 2020.

  • According to Techcrunch, there are more than one billion Gmail users as of 2016 and that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

  • According to Radicate, users manage and average of 1.8 accounts on a daily basis. Personal email accounts make up a majority of the US market.  Last year alone, that represented 79% of the US mailboxes.

  • Apple iPhone is leading the email client market share of 33%, then followed by the Gmail which is 19% only as of December 2016. And this is calculated for 1.44 billion users according to Litmus.

  • Constant Contact surveyed small business owners and they found out that 49% of them are not using email marketing data in order to assist with their campaigns in email marketing because they do not know where they should start.

These stats show the critical need for small business owners to engage in email marketing as it is already the hallmark for any successful marketing plan. The business that does not recognize the tremendous effect of email marketing will get lost in the shuffle in the coming years.

Email marketing is a strategic and a critical component of any business marketing plan. From an introductory newsletter, to the abandoned cart recovery email, to a quarterly sharing of a report and even to the sales journey personalization, emails are playing a growingly important role in the world of online marketing.