When I started building my businesses, years ago, there was no Facebook, no Instagram and no YouTube. The focus back then was growing locally and serving people close by. The best strategy I could come up with at the time to get in front of large audiences was to find speaking gigs to move my message and be known. Broadcasting was left to the anchors on television and I was fine with that.

Now, if you're not including video as part of your marketing strategy you might as well go live in your closet. 

Video marketing is a strategy that every business and brand should incorporate if they want to grow. There are a ton of great benefits and it's become so easy to start marketing your business leveraging video. 

Many Reason to Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Search engines love videos so they will be found quicker 
  2. Your potential clients would prefer to watch videos 
  3. It's easier for you to build trust via video
  4. You can convert visitors to take action much easier
  5. It's easier to communicate your message.

You know video works, you probably just watched one before you landed on this page. Like everything else in marketing, however, there is an effective way and there's a way that will lead to frustration and wasted time.

How to Launch a Video Strategy

When thinking about incorporating video as a way to be found and grow your brand it's best to come up with a strategy. Think about one specific objective. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? To educate your potential buyers about your products/services? Do you want to get people to sigh up for your email list? Having one clear objective will keep you focused and you'll be able to measure results.

Next, take the time to determine which channel you'll use and what content you want to share. We have choices now. YouTube is still the second most popular search tool behind Google but Periscope and Facebook Live have wide appeal. I happen to enjoy Periscope over all the other choices. I've now been apart of two video challenges on Periscope and each time, my reach grew and I sold products and services. Periscope is fun, to me, because of the instant engagement. Just be sure to think about what you plan to say. Although video can be fun and you can certainly show your personality, you don't want to simply waste anybody's time. 

Put yourself in the shoes of a marketer and think about offering a series or a campaign. Do you have a new product or service offering launching soon? Why not use video to plot a behind-the-scenes look of what it takes? Your audience gets a chance to be part of your journey. Or, what do you think about recording a series where your audience gets to know your brand story? There are hundreds of ways to produce short and effective campaigns that ultimately grow your audience.

Video Marketing is a win for your brand. Give your customers an opportunity to know you and your business better. One of the major advantages to building a small business is that you are accessible to your customers and they get to be included - to engage with you. That is powerful. Don't miss out.

Stuck on how to get started with video and want to brainstorm? Schedule a free session with us now and we'll get you started this week.