Some of us love to create and we put our souls into sharing what we create with the world as soon as possible. We run toward the feedback, good or bad. Others, like the old me, create and labor over whether every "t" is crossed and every "i" is dotted. We tend to compare what "they" did when they launched or to consider whether the intended audience will like it or love it. Should we work on it a little longer?

In this video I share a humbling lesson I learned - again - about minimally viable products. 


There are 3 Opportunities we miss when we hold onto a product or service or an idea too long.

  1. We miss the opportunity to learn more about our product and to make improvements. By holding onto our idea, we fail to get the proof that it will indeed work, that it will solve a problem or that it will get the intended outcome. As mentioned in the video, you want your audience to provide feedback so that you can make adjustments, fixes and improvements.
  2. We miss money. Even if you're not fully confident, launch your product and let the audience pay back some of your investment. They will also help you test your price points. Did an even sell out and caused a waiting list to form? Maybe your ticket price was too low. Get it?
  3. We miss an opportunity to connect with our audience. Whenever you are launching a product or service, you are doing so because you believe you have an answer to a problem or because you see a gap in the marketplace. Until you actually launch, you have a theory or hypothesis. You don't actually KNOW. By launching, you get to speak to the intended audience, to learn more about how they are connecting with your new idea, your brand and you. They are your most valuable resource. So launch!

Have you sat on an idea too long? Share your stories...and your lessons in the comments.