After publishing a blog post, there a few addition steps to help guarantee its success. The following steps should also be applied to boost your posts: 


1. Proofread and Revise
Investing time for the editing process will let you check the possible errors in the spelling, sentence usage, and grammar. This is the best thing that needs to be considered in publishing a post. In order to avoid errors and confusion, you must ensure that what has been published is correct and accurate to what the statement should imply. Proofreading and revision are part of blogging. 

2. Share on Your Social Profiles
Sharing your post to in Facebook, Twitter and other sites that you are active is a must after publishing a blog post. Doing this can help you acquire for an early transaction. In this way, you can easily promote the blog post and get a maximum exposure around the people. 

3. Send the Blog in an Email Newsletter
Doing this can help you expose the content of the blog to the loyal email subscribers that you have. Making an action such as emailing the subscribers would be the best option for this. Creating an email list if not yet established must be done. With this, you can easily get more email subscribers in as much as possible. 

4. Blog in Groups and Affiliations
Sharing the content of the articles in different groups can be effective in gaining exposure. Joining in some of the prominent groups would be a better choice in spreading faster the content of the article. 

5. Link to an Old Post
If you ever had an old post that continues to gain clicks and shares from the audience, it is possible to use the old posts to generate traffic to the new post. By simply going back to the most popular post that you have produced, you can find ways on how to incorporate the new post you have just published. It does not create a traffic from the audience but also it would create a strong SEO framework in your website.

6. Reply to Comments
Never ignore a comment in your post. People are commenting to engage and hear more about the blog that you have just created and this will pave the way in acquiring an interested audience. Make it a priority in responding to every single post that you have. This will establish a good rapport with the readers. The more conversation and comments that are established in the post, the better the result would be. This will, in turn, encourage the new users to comment more about the blogging. 

Blogging can help in bringing traffic to your site. It is a good sign of positive outcome and impact. In order to create the framework for a positive flow of the blog to your audience, you must create practical steps in achieving the goals that you want in the post that you have just published.