Is your product or service transformative? Is it going to appeal to the masses if only the masses have access to it? Is it universal?

If you answered yes then you have the potential to be a global entrepreneur. You can serve your audience all over the world. People across the globe can become familiar with your brand. You can really move the needle wherever people are.

You are the problem.



Limiting Beliefs

In the book, You are a Badass, the author talks about limiting beliefs. She makes reference to thoughts that are planted in our minds and hearts when we are children that take hold. We indoctrinate good and bad thoughts because we trust the people who are planting the seeds. We take them as gospel truth.

The issue lies in how long it takes us to discern whether we’ve been led astray. Maybe those limiting beliefs were based on negative experiences our parents had and in their effort to protect us, they carried over their fears. They meant well.

Decide for Yourself

If you are reading this then you have a calling. It is undeniable and it is  like something stuck in your throat that you can’t swallow. It is a haunting. It keeps you up at nights. You may physically be in a room discussing a topic with people but your mind is drifting to that thing pulling you.

You may be in the midst of running your business right now but you know you could do more to be successful. You believe with everything in your heart that you should be reaching more people with talents. You have the ability to make others feel better about themselves through your brand.

You don’t understand why more people are catching on.

The only person standing in your way is you.

Make the commitment and take the sacrifice

To be great, there must be separation and sacrifice. It takes investment and belief. You can’t take the same steps and act the same and expect better results. You have to be willing to give things up - but you already know that. You also have to make some investments. Invest in yourself, invest in your business. You already know what’s possible. You’ve seen it in visions. You’ve imagined it. You’ve dreamed about it. You believe.

Separation, sacrifice or investment. Which one are you lacking?

Darice Rene is the Creative Director and Owner of The Power Collective, a boutique marketing agency. She is a Freelance Writer, a Master at Building Communities around a Business and Creating Multiple Revenue Streams. When she’s not marveling at natural hair you’ll find her on Twitter @daricerene. Website: