Sure, you could surf the web, call your girlfriends or sign up for yet another course, guide or eBook. Or, you can lean into my business degrees and business experience. You know you have gifts and talents, you’re looking for answers on the topics that matter most to you right now.

Our workshops are different. We work. Plan to bring your laptops, tablets, notebooks and pens. We’re going to go deep into a subject that is critical to growing your business. Count on us to keep classes small and to get every one of your questions answered. Do the work and you’ll leave amazed.

Average $65

Group coaching

You’re running a small business or you’re an entrepreneur working on launching a new enterprise and you want to learn how to reach the next level. You want to get clarity and get organized around growing your business.

Building a business is more than having a passion. You took a leap of faith You have something to prove. People are watching. People count on you.

Get answers. Get support. Get direction. Learn how to handle the critical aspects of growing a company with a group of like-minded, dedicated entrepreneurs. Build relationships while you work to reach your business goals.

8 Week Incubator $499

Individual coaching

It is reported that the number one problem entrepreneurs face in growing their companies is not have adequate guidance. When it comes to finding information online, there are millions of sources. You’ve tried it all and you’ve spent a ton of money.

Now, you want straight talk from an expert who’s been there and done that.

You want direct answers about your specific phase of business based on what you value and where you’re going with your company.

Get answers to every one of your questions related to sales, marketing, operations and finances in a personalized environment after you gain clarity around your company mission and vision. Work with a partner who is wholly motivated to set you up for success.

$375/month with 90 day retainer

Hourly Consulting

Keep it Moving Sessions

Already have some momentum and need a quick and effective strategy session to get clear on your next move? Book a Pro. Get dedicated time to answer whatever questions are nagging you right now.