Working in the Non Profit Space?


Gain More Attention for Your Mission

Attracting and retaining donors is critical to your organization. Each year you, your staff and your board work tirelessly to help. When resources are limited, it is tough to make an impact that gets the attention of funders. Your desire and drive is to grow your organization so that you can help even more people.

Our clients have been where you are. They all do great work and have great causes, but they compete for every dollar and live from grant to grant.

We have 15 years of experience in the non profit space. What we’ve learned is that the organizations that can sustain themselves successfully have a solid base of support and operate at a high rate of effectiveness.

Donor Engagement Marketing Strategies for Charitable Organizations

The Power Collective Marketing Agency offers services that take the guess work out of marketing and promoting your organizations.

What we do:

  • Create communications plans that develop deeper relationships with donors.

  • Set up marketing automation using tools that make sense.

  • Develop content marketing strategies that cover email marketing and social media.

  • Establish donor management systems that track the people and activities that matter.

We offer affordable solutions to make marketing simple and convenient for your organization.