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2017 POWER Retainer Packages

We deliver real marketing results. All of our efforts are dedicated to helping our clients

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Increase Engagement and

  • Drive Sales.

Our POWER Retainer Packages allow us to dedicate resources to you to grow a community around your business. The Power Collective team becomes your “In-house” marketing department allowing you to make the greatest impact with your marketing budget.

How do the packages work?

To get started, we hold a POWER session with you to establish marketing strategy, tactics, roles and milestones. We get all of your ideas about the vision of your company on the table so we can work to make it happen.

Then, we create the plan. It’s based on a 6 month time interval and we measure every 90 days.

Project based assignments are where we really separate ourselves from the rest. We want to help you do BIG things and make the GREATEST impact.

  • Tapping into a new market?

  • Exploring a new revenue model?

  • Forming new Partnerships?

  • Tackling a major marketing initiative that you’ve never tried before?

We’re on it.

Content and Copy give you consistency and visibility. Get found online and then what? Is the website ready? Is it set up to drive sales? Are you using Twitter, Instagram or the other social media channels to convert followers to buyers? We’ve got you covered. We can take care of that.

Take a look at the POWER Retainer Packages.


We are also Certified Business Plan Experts and Web Designers. Tell us what you need and we can handle it.