[REALLY] Black Friday Support

Looking to support the businesses at the REALLY Black Friday shopping event? Great, below you'll find the list along with links. And stay tuned as we update the page.

Thank you for your support.



prima couture logo.jpg

Prima Couture

Women's clothing, jewelry, shoes, hats and glasses.


My princess comes in color

Our signature African-inspired party provides custom-print dresses and authentic fair-trade jewelry with a photoshoot, games, take home crafts, and a very special, exclusive gift. 

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Chocolate Kinks and Kurls

Chocolate Kinks and Kurls is here to Connect, Empower and Support all women on their journey to healthy hair. Along with our amazing products, our founder, Juanita Henderson is also known as the Kurl Koach. She offers 1 to 1 Kurl Koaching sessions to her customers that require a bit more guidance beyond the products. Our goal is for you to become your OWN Kurl Crush. 



Pillar of Hope provides Household, Business, Health and Wellness products and services through 5Linx including:

TeeVee Streaming
Capitol Financing Loans
Payroll Solutions
Credit Card Processing
MontaVida Coffee & Tea
Hi5 Lean, Boost, Edge & Fuel
Protect America Security System
Text Alert
ID Guard
Data Vault


My Sacred Yoni

My name is Kim Taylor and I am an ordained Spiritual Womb Healer. I became interested in womb health after years of talking to many women that have suffered with low self esteem, infertility, lack of sexual satisfaction and sexually transmitted infections.
The products I offer are all natural and they aid in helping women to heal their wombs naturally. I offer Yoni Eggs, Yoni Steams, and Yoni Detox Pearls. I look forward to helping you on your womb healing journey.


Traci Lynn Jewelry

Fashion jewelry.


Carra Renee Collection

Have you ever had a problem finding just the right accessories to complete that perfect outfit you put together?! Yes! Who hasn't and that's why CarraRenee Collection was born. Not only does CarraRenee Collection give you the right accessories that takes your style to another level CarraRenee gives you exclusiveness! CarraRenee Collection doesn't make anything twice! This allows you to uniquely be you! Giving you the freedom to make your own personal statement to the world about who you are when it comes to your style.



Our products helps maintains moisture that will encourage healthy hair growth,Naturally!
I developed and formulated each hair care product with a specific purpose to deliver targeted results, using butters & oils sourced from Africa. The richness and purity of our ingredients will moisturize, soften, & strengthen your coils to encourage healthy hair growth.



Scented oils and whipped shea butter products.


Hair extensions and cosmetics/lipsticks.



The name of our business is Yummy Celebrations Bakery. We offer a great number of tasteful cakes,cheesecake cakes, cheesecake and cookies. We also do custom cakes for any event.


 CONTENT specializes in screen printed Gospel-centered apparel. and custom screen printing services.



We offer small to full scale catering services, event planning, wedding coordination, and clean meal preparation.



Premium menswear items and accessories.