The Journey begins with you. 

The Journey begins with you. 

Darice Rene, Badass Whisperer

Darice Rene, Badass Whisperer

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 7 Day You are a Badass Courage and Mindset Challenge

Coming October 2016


You are a Badass is a book that literally changed my life. It wasn't as if I didn't have the "Rock Star" spirit. I knew I was the "ish." I had achieved more than most, I'd overcome more than most and I'd hit some major milestones. From the outside looking in, everything was great.

And yet, this book came at a time where I was struggling with some decisions. I'd reached an age and space where I was feeling a bit behind. I was seeking some guidance on what to do next with my life and I was constantly "in my head" trying to find answers.

There were some internal conflicts between what I'd been conditioned to think and how I felt I should move forward. This book came along and challenged me. It gave me clarity.

Now, I want you to get your clarity. I want to help you find your answers and shut down the negative voices keeping you from making progress.

The 7 Day You are a Badass Courage and Mindset Challenge is here for you. It is an active, hands-on event delivered in an open and encouraging environment. And it's tough! It is designed to move you to act! To be better than you were - if you'll do the work. 

Be ready. I'm with you all the way.

-Darice Rene

**Check your email in the next few days for details. If you'd like to connect in the meantime, you can find me hanging out on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram. Drop by and let me know that you're ready for the Badass Challenge. I'm looking forward to meeting you.**